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Communicat Careers provides recruitment services to professional accountants, business, and government employers.  We assist our clients to recruit professional staff in the categories of accounting, administration, management and ERP software consulting roles.

  • Employers want to attract the best staff.
  • Candidates want a position that offers them a successful career path.

Communicat Careers helps both candidates and employers to achieve their goals.  We bring both parties together for a “win-win” outcome.

Information for Employers

We have the knowledge, the skills and the practical experience to assist you to recruit the right people for your business. Our recruitment advisers and consultants have extensive knowledge backed up with practical experience in the areas of:

  • Accountancy Practice Specialist Roles (compliance, audit, forensic, etc.)
  • Commercial Accounting
  • Administration
  • Management
  • ERP Software Consulting

We will provide you with a selection of high calibre candidates for your consideration and then work with you to shortlist your preferred candidates. Our shortlisting appraisal and advisory service is guaranteed to save you time and will enable you to focus your energy on the important task of selecting the best candidate for your organisation.

We are your partners in the recruitment process. We will help you at every stage of the recruitment and staff selection process, except for the final decision. That is your choice.

Why use Communicat Careers to help with your recruiting?

  • You want to recruit the very best team member. Finding the best people for your team will provide you with a sound foundation for the success of your business.
  • The best candidates are always in short supply. They generally do not rely on advertising placed by employers. When they are considering a career change the best candidates will usually consult a specialist recruiter with a proven professional reputation and ability to provide complete confidentiality.
  • Only qualified and suitably experienced candidates will meet our criteria and evaluation methods.
  • Recruitment Search. We find the best candidates by launching a recruitment marketing campaign combined with access to our own candidate database as well as using Internet recruiting methods. This combined approach provides employers with a more comprehensive coverage of the available pool of candidates and therefore produces faster and better outcomes.
  • If your recruitment assignment is confidential we can conduct your recruitment assignment whilst keeping the name and identity of your organisation private. We will only disclose your identity to candidates with your express permission and to the candidates selected by you for final interviews.
  • Our fees are very competitive. With the right people in your business, you will recoup this investment many times over. Consider the alternative if the appointment does not work out.

Our Guarantee

We offer a guarantee on permanent staff that if after three months, you are not satisfied with the candidate we will undertake to find a replacement employee at no extra cost. Please see our terms and conditions for full details of our guarantee on recruitment of permanent and temporary staff.

Interviewing and Appraisal of Candidates

We follow structured behavioural interviewing techniques and independent employment history verification.  We will obtain accurate answers to vital questions:

  • Can they do the job? We assess and rate candidates based on the critical core competencies required for the role. The criteria are set after discussion and agreement with you.
  • Will they do the job? We look for signs that the candidate will commit to the job for the long haul. We assess their level of commitment to for your business. We will ensure that the candidate’s motivation is sound.
  • Will they fit in? One of the key steps in our recruitment process is to develop an understanding of the processes and people within your business. This includes analysing factors such as your communication methods, your business growth strategy and your leadership style. We will match you with a candidate who provides the best match for your organisation’s culture and strategy.
  • We provide verification of employment backgrounds. The extent of verification will depend on the seniority of the role. This point will be discussed between the employer and Communicat Careers to ensure you receive the level of verification that will meet your requirements.

Our method

  • We have a high level of expertise in Accounting, Administration, Management and ERP Software Consulting. This background enables us to specialise in recruitment in these areas.
  • If time is of the essence, we will move swiftly to meet your needs.
  • We can assist you to design an accurate Position Description along with a complete specification for the recruitment assignment.
  • Our experienced consultants perform thorough reference checks. We ensure that referees have genuine in depth knowledge of the candidate in a verifiable employment role.
  • We follow strict rules on recruiting, including the provision of honest and ethical advice to both clients and candidates.
  • Induction of your new employee into your team is extremely important to the employer, the candidate and to Communicat Careers. Clear and effective communication is vital to ensure that all parties are fully consulted throughout the recruitment process.

Follow through

Our service does not end with the appointment of your new employee. Our assignment is only signed off as complete when your new employee settles into their new role and is well on the way to becoming an effective member of your team. During the first year after your new employee starts with your organisation we also follow through at regular intervals to speak to the employer and the employee to ensure that expectations are fulfilled all round, and to offer advice and assistance where necessary.

Our region

We focus our recruitment service on the following regions:

  • South-East Queensland including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast
  • North-East NSW, Northern NSW and New England
  • Central Queensland
  • Far North Queensland
  • Western Queensland
  • Papua-New Guinea
  • Pacific Islands

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